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IOTSU® – Smart Anything Everywhere

IOTSU® is an easy-to-use, plug-and-play wireless solution for a wide range of measuring needs. Our products can pretty much measure anything, anywhere – and get the data to where you need it. IOTSU® can enhance security, comfort and energy efficiency in the world you operate it.

IOTSU® is easy to integrate into other systems and processes. It uses the global Sigfox network.

IOTSU device

IOTSU® is a generic platform that has

  • excellent coverage and radio performance
  • excellent cost-effectiveness
  • very low energy consumption
  • scalable, industrial manufacturing concept
  • reliability, based on Finnish know-how

The intelligence of IOTSU®-technology enables

A separate power supply or internet connection is not needed. The device is ready for use immediately after registration. No maintenance is required and the battery life is measured in years.

We deliver the devices ready to use, either pre-registered or the customer can easily name and register devices by themselves.

The customer can easily read the sensor data and change the settings by using the browser-based user account. No separate device or software need be installed. IOTSU® does not require a mobile phone, internet or WLAN modem. It is enough to install the battery in the device. IOTSU® starts sending data to the user account and, if necessary, sends alerts to the desired recipients. The sending of an alarm message is possible by SMS or by email. The measurement data can also easily be transferred to another data system.

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