IOTSU device
IOTSU® is a plug-and-play wireless solution that brings IoT to life.

IOTSU® is easy to integrate into other systems and processes. A separate power supply is not needed. The device is ready to use immediately after registration. No maintenance is required, and the battery life is measured in years.

With IOTSU® you can track...

carbon dioxide levels
motion / visitors
differential pressure
volatile organic compounds

The advantages of IOTSU®

comprehensive coverage and radio performance

sustained by global IoT-networks such as Sigfox and LoRaWAN

excellent cost-effectiveness

due to low energy consumption


measure, transmit and forward whenever and wherever you need

The intelligence of IOTSU®-technology enables

Getting started

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We deliver the devices ready to use, either pre-registered or the customer can easily name and register their devices by themselves.

The customer can easily read the sensor data and change the settings by using the browser-based user interface. No separate device or software need be installed. IOTSU® does not require a mobile phone, internet or WLAN modem. It is enough to install the battery in the device.

Reporting and analysing

To follow your measurement data, there are a few options:


IOTSU® General Brochures

IOTSU® LoRaWAN Brochures

IOTSU® Sigfox Brochures