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Finland based fruit & vegetable expert Satotukku Oy is using Small Data Gardens IOTSU® trackers for following up on the use of their roll cage trolleys. “Tracking the movement of roll cage trolleys and having a clear overview of the circulation of them used to be difficult. IOTSU® sensors provide the data to improve reverse logistics.”

Satotukku trolleys have been fitted with smart IOTSU® location tracking sensors that double as temperature sensors. Every move of these trolleys is recorded and sent into the cloud where their location data can be viewed conviniently. The complete location history of the trolleys is always available for browsing. The latest trolley inventory count can be accessed instantly from the cloud.

Satotukku Ltd is one of the biggest independent fruit and vegetable wholesalers in Finland. Satotukku is a noteworthy supplier of domestically grown vegetables who also import vegetables from around 15 other countries.

Small Data Garden offers smart IoT communications services with diverse possibilities. Our solutions are scalable for the global Internet industry.

More information from Mr. Timo Liukko, Partner and Chairman of the Board
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