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The IoT company Small Data Garden Ltd, has launched its first IOTSU® products that operate in the Sigfox IoT network. The products are based on a general sensor unit platform that offers a wide variety of applications. With IOTSU® technology, data collection, processing and transmission management can be implemented in a versatile and intelligent manner. It enables extremely energy-efficient and compact devices. In addition, the antenna class of the devices is second to none.

Small Data Garden Ltd has grown rapidly and has implemented applications such as housing and real estate management, mobile equipment, logistics and environmental technology. The company has also entered the export market.

SDG’s primary products are IOTSU® Temperature and Humidity for indoor air control, IOTSU® Door and Window Sensor for burglary protection, and IOTSU® Motion for motion detection and motion measurement.

The company's customers and partners include property owners, users and service providers, logistics, transport and equipment operators, software vendors and system integrators as well as the technology industry and environmental technology solution vendors.

French Sigfox is the world’s leading player in IoT technology. The Sigfox IoT network developed by the company already operates in 45 countries. With its unique ecosystem, Sigfox-compatible products and services are being developed and launched globally. The companies involved in the ecosystem thus acquire direct access to the global market.

Connected Finland Oy operates as a Sigfox IoT network operator in Finland and its subsidiary, Connected Baltic OÜ, in Estonia. The company's IoT network provides extensive and reliable network connectivity for Sigfox-compatible devices and sensors that help its users to benefit from better information and productivity.

The Sigfox network and Connected Finland, as a strong and respected player in the international Sigfox ecosystem, have been laying a very strong foundation for us to be on the first wave in delivering high-end IoT-solutions locally and internationally.

Timo Liukko, Chairman of Small Data Garden Ltd

I'm really happy to see Finnish competence growing in the Sigfox ecosystem. Finnish product and service development is truly respected worldwide and we have solid experience of that. Sigfox is a great springboard to the global market for many companies within the ecosystem.

Markku Patronen, Managing Director of Connected Finland Oy

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