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Small Data Garden (SDG), is a young Finnish company that powers the IoT with elegantly simple communication solutions. SDG is based in Riihimäki, Finland, in the heart of the Finnish Growth Corridor. SDG’s core business revolves around commercializing IOTSU®, the scalable platform solution for the global IoT industry.

During the Application Experiment we combine our accumulated IoT expertise with SmartEEs’ expertise in flexible electronics. This cooperation is expected to result in IoT Flexi Node, which is a flexible and expandable wireless sensor platform optimized for IoT specified networks. To visualize the benefits of the technology we aim to create two Product Demonstrators: an eco-friendly, plaster-like thermometer and IoT tape for letters to track when/where they are opened.

We see tremendous potential in scaling our platform technology to cover applications where the dimensions of boxed IoT devices cause restrictions and have significant drawbacks in range. We are very much looking forward to commencing cooperation with the SmartEEs team.

Timo Liukko, Chairman of Small Data Garden Ltd

Our expertise in IoT platforms and IoT optimized networks can be combined with flexible electronics to produce adaptable wireless sensor platforms optimized for long-range low-energy solutions.

Petri Hänninen, CTO of Small Data Garden Ltd

SmartEEs is a sustainable marketplace for the adoption, ramp-up and transfer of Emerging Electronics solutions. The SmartEEs project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program. The objective of SmartEEs is to support the European Industry in reinforcing its competitive advantage by accelerating the integration of Flexible Electronics into novel products.

SDG has been successfully cooperating with the Information and Communication Technology Training of the HAMK Riihimäki Unit. Solid IoT expertise has been gained at the HAMK Riihimäki Unit. The city of Riihimäki has been a pioneer in applying SDG's IoT solutions.

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