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Small Data Garden Ltd has launched its first Sigfox-certified IOTSU® products. They enable versatile monitoring of different objects, spaces and devices. Everything is done in an easy and intelligent manner and with minimum power consumption.

Our aim is to provide high quality and price scalable products, enabling the expected volume market to emerge. Another goal is to offer more intelligent solutions with the same hardware.

The first three Sigfox-certificated IOTSU® products are:

  • IOTSU® Temperature and Humidity for controlling temperatures and humidity
  • IOTSU® Door and Window Sensor for burglary protection
  • IOTSU® Motion for the presence and movement measurement.

In addition, Small data Garden Ltd has evaluated over 100 different sensors on its platform. Based on this, the product family will be supplemented this year.

Customised solutions can also be provided. Products are also available for outdoor use.

IOTSU® is based on Small Data Garden’s unique competence. Manufacturing and testing is located in Finland and with a partner in Estonia. This allows company to manufacture flexibly batches upon customer need enabling fast and flexible delivery to customers.

Product Descriptions and Technical Specifications (English):

Product Descriptions and Technical Specifications (Finnish):